International certificate in place.

Oliner System products and methods have now been approved for use in the USA and Canada. The certificate has been issued by IAPMO Research and Testing INC.

Oliner System International is part of the Olimb Group’s international operation and Kjell Aldar in the research and development division of the Olimb Group has put a major effort into getting this certificate into place, shortly after Oliner System International established its own offices in the USA and Canada.

The certificate opens the door to work in the American and Canadian market and is issued for a year at a time.

Kjell Aldar has presented all relevant product tests and the institute has reviewed both the products and the work routines involved in interior pipe rehabilitation.

Oliner System International has cemented links with some highly skilled contacts on the American continent and Aldar believes the company can help to provide its partners with new competence, while using people who are well known in the market.

Oliner System International specialises in development, training, standardisation and implementation of pipe rehabilitation internationally. The company has developed a number of different products that cover various needs in the market, including polyester coating, unique hat reinforcers and flexible linings.