Oliner System starts renewing drinking water pipes.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has now approved Olimb’s new lining for drinking water pipes. Oliner System, as a subsidiary of Olimb, will be the owner of this product outside Norway.

This is a reinforced lining impregnated with a special adhesive. A patent application has also been submitted for the new product says the head of development at Olimb/Oliner System, Rolf Dalby.

We have started the process for approvals in the counties we are represented and will continue to do so in the countries where our products are asked for – and it is in fact already many countries.

Success feels good

Dalby does not try to conceal the fact that the success of this project feels good.
“It has been a trial of patience, both for those of us working on its development and for the company, but we knew it was possible to develop a reinforced lining for water pipes. We are now once again at the forefront, and we really want to prove that this lining is viable in a market crying out for rehabilitation,” says Dalby.
With this new lining, Olimb/Oliner System is probably the only contractor that can offer to rehabilitate water pipes without excavating the tapping points.


Olimb /Oliner System can now rehabilitate water pipes in the six to eight inches range, and will probably be able to do larger dimensions later on as well.
“We have tested and pressure tested for five years, but it is now that we are really taking off the ‘training wheels’ and are going to start using the method in real life,” says a humble Dalby.
“For many years there has been a missing link between epoxy coating and total pipe renewal, and this is why the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s approval is so important to us and to Norwegian local authorities.
This is semi-structural rehabilitation that relies on an existing pipe. The lining can be used in steel, cast iron and concrete pipes,” explains Dalby.

Leaking like a sieve

“We will shortly be providing information in relation to both dimensions and lengths for the new lining.” he says.
The water mains in Norway are leaking like a sieve, and wastage of 30-40 per cent is normal for a number of local authorities and waterworks.
“A reinforced lining can extend the lifetime of water pipes, and the lining also stops further internal wear and tear in existing pipes,” explains Dalby.
Both the adhesion, sealing and openings for tapping points worked just as intended as early as two years ago. The only challenges were odour and taste, and these challenges have now also been resolved.

Exclusive rights

Before installation the lining is impregnated with an approved adhesive, and it is the combination of a very special type of lining and a special adhesive that now ensures Olimb/Oliner System exclusive rights within the rehabilitation of water pipes. This could open up large markets outside the country’s borders as well, but Dalby would prefer to carry out the first projects in the domestic market before he talks about the wider world.
Olimb/Oliner System has received a number of enquiries about rehabilitating water pipes and is now in a position to carry out these projects. CEO, CC Sibbern, has absolutely nothing against this and is proud to head a company with so many competent water and sewage workers.